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Wells Fargo helps build homes in Sutherlin

Wells Fargo Grant, Volunteers Help Build Habitat Homes in Sutherlin

How does Habitat for Humanity build a house? It’s simple - one board at a time.  It’s especially easy when a crew of 20 Wells Fargo bank employees show up at the build site to swing hammers, measure boards, haul limbs, and deliver a check for $20,000 to help with construction. 


Wells Fargo awarded the grant to Umpqua Valley Habitat for Humanity to help build two townhouses on Oak Street in Sutherlin.  Each home will serve a family from the community that is in need of decent, affordable housing. The townhouses are designed to be energy efficient which will make them affordable to live in over the life of the home. Each will be equipped with a whole-house tankless gas water heater and a ductless heating and cooling system. 

“The Wells Fargo team really lived up to the saying that ‘many hands make light work,” stated Robin Hartmann, Umpqua Valley Habitat’s executive director. “It was amazing to see how well the team worked together and what they were able to accomplish in an afternoon.”  Wells Fargo volunteers will continue to assist with various phases of construction throughout the year to complete a total of 300 hours of work on the homes.  Habitat’s future homeowners also assist with construction which results in a sense of accomplishment and empowerment.  Each family will put in 500 hours of “sweat equity” to build their home and then will pay an affordable mortgage over the life of the 30 year loan. 


With good weather on the horizon, Habitat will be building throughout the summer every Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and also the first and third Saturdays each month from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.   Currently, the foundations have been poured, joists are hung and pony walls are in place.  The next step include laying plywood for the floors and then the fun part – building exterior walls.  Hartmann stated, “We’re grateful for the financial help and the engagement of the hearts and hands of the Wells Fargo volunteers. Habitat is looking forward to working in partnership with Wells Fargo to build these two homes throughout 2017.”


For information, contact Robin Hartmann, Executive Director of Umpqua Valley Habitat for Humanity, at (541) 672-6182 or robinh [at] umpquavalleyhabitat [dot] org.